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Nostradamus and Y2K

12th Nov 1999      Ankur Jain

hello friends

i have been a member of this list for some time and have seen a variety
of questions and topics discussed here. the topic under my gaze right
now, does not deal with India as such but is a more general question.
Since this is a forum that discusses anything and everything, I thought
it best to discuss here!

I have been really fascinated by Nostradamus' predictions and have
believed that he predicted a lot of events that are crucial to our
lives, but he could not understand their meaning when viewed to his
limited knowledge of the 17th century [or was it 16th?? :-)]. e.g. he
predicts "People going to war as pigs" - which although confusing is
simply "soldiers with Gas masks". this is important for he described
where he was confused and described as best as he could. At places where
he could understand, he confused us..!! Strange indeed were his ways.

Coming to what I think, i feel that he predicted the Y2K calamity. Since
the year 2000 has no special astronomical significance according to any
calendar, but just marks the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus
Chris. He predicts calamities around the same time, and is very emphatic
in pointing out the fact that these will be bad times. Now he did not
knew what computers are, or what the Y2K thing means, but he does see
major destruction around this time. So he probably refers to the major
calamities people have been refering to, since the outbreak of
Y2Kphobia. things like missiles gone awry, power supplies, water and
food supplies, factories etc on fire are some common things predicted by
Y2K experts and probably refered to by the great seer.

Another point of interest here is that he predicts India to emerge as a
great power in the 21st century. Can it be that since we are not so
computerised as other countries, we survive more than the more advanced
countries? and then emerge stronger????

these are my own thoughts and i wd welcome any comments

Ankur Jain