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Search my friends parents.

11th Nov 1999      Shashikiran Vaze


Dear friends at Interact Inn All India Mailing List,

Apeal to friends residing in the district of Kendrapara, Orissa.

Enclosed herewith please find a letter from my friend Mr. Chandra Acharya
who is working in Mauritius. His parents live in the cyclone hit coastal
area of Orissa.  He has not yet received any information regarding
whereabouts of his parents.   Mr Acharya has sent me address of his
parents.  May I kindly request you to please find out whereabouts of his
parents or the status of his house and whether his parents have been moved
anywhere due to cyclone either through proper channel of Government of
India or through our sources.  Please, inform me and Mr Chandra by email. 

I expect a letter from your end regarding the action.

With warm regards     
Yours faithfully,

SHASHIKIRAN VAZE - Vastu Consultant

Here in below is the email that I had received from Mr Chandra.

Dear Shashikiran,

Namaskar. Address of parents :

Mr. Nrusingh charan ACHARYA

PRESENT M.P. MR.PRAVAT KUMAR SAMATARAY-kendrapara constituency is very
good friend of my father.  My father is well known political person in
that areas.  My mother was 2 year back chairman of pattamundai block.
Former minister - parliament affair :srikanta jena is friend of my father.
Lest hope we will get any news. With best regards,

Chandra Acharya from Mauritius.