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Permannet Sanctions Waiver: A Great Victory for India!

9th Oct 1999      Ram Narayanan

Subject: Permanent Sanctions Waiver: A Great Victory for India!    
From: Ram Narayanan
Date: October 9, 1999    

Rep. Ackerman, Co-Chairman of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian
Americans, has hailed the outcome of the House-Senate conferees for
adopting a broad-based waiver of sanction authority to the President. He
has described it as a political triumph for pro-India forces in the United
States. Rep. Ackerman said: "This sanctions relief bill is the
manifestation of both Congress and the Administration taking India very
seriously and wanting to engage New Delhi in a higher level relationship
... Now I urge the Administration to push ahead with an aggressive and
positive approach aimed at speeding up better economic, political,
strategic and people- to- people relations with India."

Rep Ackerman added: "I now also respectfully urge the new Vajpayee
Administration to continue to shed old suspicions and bugaboos toward
Washington's intentions and join with pro-India forces in the US so as to
elevate the relations between our two great nations to yet a higher

This certainly is a great victory for US-India relations! I will be
sending a separate communication on some of the implications for India of
this legislative initiative. However, at this point I would like to note
that the Pressler Amendment remains on the books. It has not been
repealed. Therefore, each and every license granted under Pressler waiver
(e.g. if the Administration decides at some point to effect military sales
APPROVAL.  This means that the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian
Americans and the entire Indian American community need to exercise
eternal vigilance and take pre-emptive action to STOP any such measure
that is likely to hurt the Indian people. 

I would request you to carefully read India's good friend Rep Ackerman's
press release at But please do
not offer any comments until you have had an opportunity to go through my
follow-up communication tomorrow on some of the implications for India of
the new legislative initiative.

Thanks and best wishes for an enjoyable week end!

Ram Narayanan